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Basically my whole artistic life is based on 3D models and papercrafts so that's what I'm submitting mostly :D

I take requests for:
-unfolding models
-commissioning 3D models
-commissioning papercrafts
-designing any kind of 3D model and/or papercraft (anime, cartoon, game, etc...)

You can send a request, questions or anything else 3D related per PERSONAL NOTE.

Other papercraft that are already in my gallery are mostly to buy for, (price ranging from 3,00 to 8,00 € mostly. I send the files, after the confirmed Paypal payment, on you e-mail or wherever you wish. *Do note that I only send PDF files of the papercrafts and do not share any personal PDO files.

I opened my first shop on and will be selling some of my papercrafts directly there too. You can check it out here:…

And I have my own Facebook papercraft page too:…

For more information on the payment procedure, my Paypal account, questions, request or anything else 3D and/or papercraft related, please send me a note.

I will respond ASAP :)


Eevee (Human form) papercraft WIP 1
I saw these cute little drawing somewhere on the internet of Eevee-lutions in human form (tired to find the author but couldn't, so if anybody has a link, I apreciate it) and I saw them quite some time back really. And I always had something other to do, millions of commissions and other work-related stuff, but now I said to myself I will definelty make them now.

The idea itself, making pokemon in human form, is super sweet, since you have endless possiblities and I have tons of ideas what to do with it, and I though to myself, damn that would look awesome as papercrafts. So I started to do my Eevee in human form, you can see on the right side.

And I started it because my texturing skills got way better than before, so I am confident I can make it look really sweet, just like it has to be :) So I am looking forward to that. 

Obviously, you can't do all things the same in drawings and in papercraft models, and I don't even want to copy the originals that much, since I have my own ideas what to do and how, but it definelty started me in the right direction :) 

I'll see what colors to use and what pattern I want to make the dress in, but I'll get there soon enough. It already looks like 100% cuteness XD can't wait to see it in action and color. 
Armaldo Pokemon papercraft commission WIP 2
After the modeling process and editing + posing everything out, comes the most nightmarish part of fixing up ripped models into buildable crafts, the UV map edit and texturing. 

Pokeball bullet- Quick Ball Pokeball bullet- Great Ball Pokeball bullet- Timer Ball Pokeball bullet- Dusk Ball Pokeball bullet- Safari Ball Pokeball bullet- Contest Capsule Pokeball bullet- Premier Ball Pokeball bullet- Sport Ball Pokeball bullet- Moon Ball Pokeball bullet- Net Ball Pokeball bullet- Repeat Ball Pokeball bullet- Nest Ball Pokeball bullet- Heal Ball Pokeball bullet- Luxury Ball Pokeball bullet- Ultra Ball 

The ripped models come with textures of course, but they don't fit and are broken. So what do you do again? Fix it :D and push and pull and do 100 of thing to make the damn thing fit onto the new polygons as if they were on the old. I don't like working with ripped models at all, but since it was a request for the commission, I did it. And why don't I like to do it is exactly showing in the screenshots. The textures ripped from the 3DS games are always very pixlated and crappy-looking, since 3DS doesn't need so much high resolution textures, because of the small 3D screen. But, non-the-less, it is still the original thing and you do use is when ripping. And I did my best I could do. (I much rather make models from scratch and make everything myself, since I know exactly what to do, pre-ready UV maps just confuse me and piss me off). 

Btw, I would like to mention my mentor Sabi996 who did teach me how to do it and provided some really essential private info on how to make things easier for myself, so thanks a lot to my friend (and sempai) at this point :) And no, he won't teach anybody else nor will I tell how to do it, so better not even ask! :D just so you know 

Anyway, waiting for conformation on this little baby, maybe I will still have to fix some things depending on the wishes of the commissioner. Will post the unfold soon :) 
Armaldo Pokemon papercraft commission WIP 1
Well, since I showed one part of my commission, might as well show the other half of the task, and that is making an Armaldo papercraft. 

#348 Armaldo #348 Armaldo #348 Armaldo Pokeball on #348 Armaldo #348 Armaldo #348 Armaldo Pokeball on #348 Armaldo #348 Armaldo #348 Armaldo Pokeball on #348 Armaldo #348 Armaldo #348 Armaldo 

I riped the model from the new 3DS Pokemon Sun and Moon ROM, and I got the model you see on the left side. Of course, you can't make a unfold out of this pile of unusable polygons, since all the parts are unattached, overlapping and it is just too complicated to make. So what does a good papercraft designer do? Yes, edit (low-polying, posing, attaching, fixing bad parts, arranging lines, fixing the UV map, fixing the textures...) the huge thing XD And after some time (if you know what you are doing) you get the model you see on the right side. All parts attached, low-polyed and ready to be build as a papercraft :) 

Next comes the texturing edit~
Howling wolf papercraft WIP 2
As said, I already drawn the textures for the stand and here they are. 

Free Avi - SleepingMoon 

3ds Max is still showing me the textures as crappy as can be, so ignore the bad blend of the nightsky, believe me it is perfect, the display is just crap. 

run run wolf 

I still need to align the UV maps a bit so it will look perfect (the rock and the middle part of the cliff). And I still need to figure out how to do the wolfs fur best, so I still have to work on the hardest part. But I wanted to show the progress so the vibe of the craft gets through and everybody can imagine what I am working on :) 

Paw Print (Yellow) - F2U! Paw Print (Yellow) - F2U!  

Will post the progress when I get to do the wolf's texture. 


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Amber2002161 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi again! Could you make a model of this guy?……

((Note: I provided two links with two different poses. If you accept my request, choose one you find easier.))
Antyyy Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2016
Pffff, it would be no problem if I had a model to fix it up with. I searched on the internet a bit and I can't find anything of him, only his predicessor :/ Kinda hard to do if I got nothing to work with. Maybe you know a good gallery for Dynasty warrior models or rips or something? Coz I found Gracia on nearly every page, but this guy... nowhere XD 
Antyyy Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2016
Hhh :D I wish it would. I would like to get an official model of him, but so far I haven't been able to get it anywhere. I can make my own model out of him, but the textures will be crappier and not so nice as with Gracia. I'll see if I can whip-up something and let you know, hopefully I can manage something and then we can talk about the commission. 
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Amber2002161 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi there! I want to let you know I just finished 'building' Gracia!
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