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Basically my whole artistic life is based on 3D models and papercrafts so that's what I'm submitting mostly :D

I take requests for:
-unfolding models
-commissioning 3D models
-commissioning papercrafts
-designing any kind of 3D model and/or papercraft (anime, cartoon, game, etc...)

You can send a request, questions or anything else 3D related per PERSONAL NOTE.

Other papercraft that are already in my gallery are mostly to buy for, (price ranging from 3,00 to 8,00 € mostly. I send the files, after the confirmed Paypal payment, on you e-mail or wherever you wish. *Do note that I only send PDF files of the papercrafts and do not share any personal PDO files.

I opened my first shop on and will be selling some of my papercrafts directly there too. You can check it out here:…

And I have my own Facebook papercraft page too:…

For more information on the payment procedure, my Paypal account, questions, request or anything else 3D and/or papercraft related, please send me a note.

I will respond ASAP :)


Moving mannequin (lolita figurine) papercraft WIP2 by Antyyy
Moving mannequin (lolita figurine) papercraft WIP2
Tadaaa :D 

Magical :D 

My pantented movable lolita papercraft doll. Finished modeling her now I am desiging some cute Goth lolita clothers to go along. 

As you can see, the limbs and parts of the body will be able to move and shift. They are connected with a special cylindric piston system, so you can move them as you want. 

Obviously the moving lolita will be a bit harder to do, but I though of making her bigger anyway, so there won't be that many small parts :) 

I am really happy with this and she looks so cool, like a android of some sort XD really loving it. 

I'll see if I will add any other clothes part, maybe a hat or something, and then I am off drawing my colors. 

More to come 
Next project - Moving mannequin papercraft WIP by Antyyy
Next project - Moving mannequin papercraft WIP
So, one of the projects I was really looking forward to, and I finally have time to do it. I will do my very own movable papercraft doll. 

I won't even post the "guess what papercraft" because none of you would be able to figure it out anyway XD since it will be a original chara and it will all be about the moving-parts-pattern. 

I will make a own character, in the direction of goth lolita probably. The best part will be that every part of the body will be movable. Made and though out my own pattent for movinf the paper figure. You will be able to move the arm in 3 parts, the lags in 2 parts and the head will be able to rotate. Optionally I will maybe make the torso in 2 parts, but for now I think I will try with the limbs and the head only. 

The clothers will be build over the torso as you can see. Already starte on the hair and the dress so I will get a better feeling for the character. But now I got to start on the movable pattern :) 

Wish me luck~ 

I will post updates as soon as I get them done 
Gracia (Samurai Warriors 3) commission papercraft by Antyyy
Gracia (Samurai Warriors 3) commission papercraft
Gracia from the game series Samurai Warriors :) made into a commission papercraft by me. 

Pink Heart Icon 

The unfold is about 30cm tall, since the client wanted it to be 25cm (+ hairpieces and stand). It has 7 pages to print and I would say it'maybe s a 7/10, because of some minor details. 

Heart Love 

The papercraft figure comes with a stand, which has a interlock system for her heel, so she can stand on her 2 feet. Hair, cape and other ornamental pieces are simply glued on, so it's easier to build like that. 

Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 

You can also view the papercraft in 3D here:…

Pencil Pencil Pencil Pencil Pencil 

For those of you who want to see the finished craft "in flesh", here is the build model from the commissioner itself (Really great job XD since she is hard to make):…
Fletchinder (Pokemon) papercraft (free download) by Antyyy
Fletchinder (Pokemon) papercraft (free download)
So, as promised, as a token of my appology, I am releasing this little cutie for free :) 

#662 Fletchinder #662 Fletchinder #662 Fletchinder #662 Fletchinder #662 Fletchinder #662 Fletchinder 

The unfold is 20cm tall, wanted to do a life-size, but that's like 70cm so no way XD he is pretty big as it is. It has 7 pages to print and is a 5/10 maybe. 


You also got the shiny version with it, so you can make a normal one or a shiny one. 

Shiny Fletchling 

Hope that I cleared up the false accusations and that things can finnaly go back to normal now :) 

pokemon gif Fletchling 

If you make the papercraft, do send some pictures, I love to see it built :) Every craft is welcome, so is every papercrafter! Let it be heard! 

#661 Fletchling #661 Fletchling #661 Fletchling 

Download it here:

#661 Fletchling #661 Fletchling #661 Fletchling 

And the 3D view of the non-shiny model used in the unfold:…

#662 Fletchinder 

Happy crafting~
Sorry by Antyyy

So, apparently it all starter with this post: 

Decidueye (Pokemon Sun/Moon) papercraft WIP 1 by Antyyy and this one Decidueye (Pokemon Sun/Moon) papercraft WIP 2 by Antyyy

The description said: 

"Built this little baby from scratch, by hand. Not like other wannabe papercrafter bulders who only want to rip exisitng PDO models of others and don't make their own, I make everything myself and I am damn proud of it. I was pissed off when I saw my crafts in some Facebook papercraft group, where they only complain, don't do anything themselves and shared some of my free work and said "it's ugly" or "I agree, we think the same, it's damn ugly". Well bitch, I would like to see you do a better work then. Just trash-talking and no idea how hard it is to make crafts and how much effort you put in every polygon and every texture. 

Whoever wants to have hard-worked for crafts, build with love, you are always welcome. I make damn well sure I make the best models and crafts as possible with my current knowledge and get better every time and if you don't like it, well then do a better work and don't just talk shit about my crafts. I would like to see a better one then."

Whoever read this and though it was about them, I AM TRULY SORRY. Fact of the matter, I only got informed that I pissed off 90% of the papercraft community with this today, so I would have wrote this sooner, if I had known. 

LET IT BE STATED AGAIN: This post was meant for a group of stealing motherf***ers, who shared my PDO files, trashtalk about my crafts all the time on a daily basis in their "closed FB group", say that I am rude and stupid, say that my crafts are shit, badmouth my work and want everything for free and steal other PDO files as well, from other papercrafters and do nothing for themselves. They only steal work of others and do nothing themselves, coz they are lazy f**ks. 

Those who know me, know I had a simmilar post in my Journal about the group (or person at that time) I was talking about here: 

~MASSIVE Pokemon project - PISSED AS FUCK/BETRAYALSo, Mr. draganhammer15 thinks he can bend the rules of whatever he wants, well then, so can I. 
He has shared my private PDO files of my Oricorio pack on a Facebook group. I saw people making my papercrafts, which are to buy only, with the original files, also he shared them openly in the group with others, so I have proof. 
That's what you get when you share files with people and they break your trust. 
I WILL NEVER AGAIN SHARE ANY PDO FILES WITH ANYBODY, MAY IT BE COMMISSION OR PURCHASE. It's hard enough to earn my living with papercrafting and modeling, and to be stabbed in the back like this and getting NO RESPECT AT ALL. At least he could share my link for the decency of stealing and braking rules, so at least people whould know that these are MY PAPERCRAFT POKEMON. But not even this. 
A spit in the face, that's what I get for my kindness. I know that PDF files I send are also being shared, but OPENLY, IN A FUCKING FACEBOOK GROUP, LOT BLOW MY FREIND, LOW BLOW.

So again, I did not mean any of the papercraft cummunity at all. Those who make papercrafts and share the love of them, make own unfolds and do not steal existing PDO files and re-distribute and sell them as their own (like the group I talked about do), I respect any of you out there and I am happy for anyone who likes to do their own crafts (be it ripped or own designed models). But I don't and will not allow people to steal other crafts, which are not theirs. I do not support theft, because things of mine got stolen too, and I know how shitty the feeling is. 

I wrote the post in anger and I am still angry about them, because they take credit for things they did not do and talk bad about anyone who doesn't agree with them. I will not support bullies, I will not support theft, but I support any crafter out there, which I helped throughout the course of several years and helped a lot of people do their own work. 

I can only appologise again to all the decent papercrafters out there and I hope that this matter is cleared up. I should have written the names of the individuals that were meant by this, but I do not know all of thier names, only the Draganhammer15 aka Padildo fuck, who stole and broke his word to me - and his account is blocked anyway, but he has 100 others on DA anyway, always with another name. 

As a sign of appology, the papercraft I was working on, will be released for free. Here is the progress so far. 

Fletchinder (Pokemon) papercraft WIP by Antyyy

I hope you forgive my words of anger and do not think bad of me. I get defencive of my work and I hate stealing liers above all else. 

I just want another chance, that's all. I have no despise for any of you and I am a proud member of the papercraft society still. 

Thank you for reading this and for understanding the circumstances. 

Sorry by Antyyy

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Hi there! I want to let you know I just finished 'building' Gracia!
Antyyy Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Ooooo woooot XD how does it look? Do you like it? Show some pics! XD I definetly want to see it in the flesh :D 
Amber2002161 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Yaaayyy!!! XD looks so awesome. I will pin the made model into the papercraft post I did in my gallery, definetly XD So others can see it too
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Sure! I'll post some pics later today!
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