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Night in the woods papercraft by Antyyy Night in the woods papercraft :iconantyyy:Antyyy 6 3 Night in the woods papercraft WIP 4 by Antyyy Night in the woods papercraft WIP 4 :iconantyyy:Antyyy 5 2 Night in the woods papercraft WIP 3 by Antyyy Night in the woods papercraft WIP 3 :iconantyyy:Antyyy 4 0 Night in the woods papercraft WIP 2 by Antyyy Night in the woods papercraft WIP 2 :iconantyyy:Antyyy 4 3 Making of ??? (Guess the characters quiz) WIP by Antyyy Making of ??? (Guess the characters quiz) WIP :iconantyyy:Antyyy 2 20 Neko mochi papercraft (FREE download) by Antyyy Neko mochi papercraft (FREE download) :iconantyyy:Antyyy 2 0 Neko mochi (free papercraft) WIP by Antyyy Neko mochi (free papercraft) WIP :iconantyyy:Antyyy 5 4 Oichi (Samurai Warriors 4) commission by Antyyy Oichi (Samurai Warriors 4) commission :iconantyyy:Antyyy 2 0 Oichi (Samurai Warriors 4) commission WIP 2 by Antyyy Oichi (Samurai Warriors 4) commission WIP 2 :iconantyyy:Antyyy 0 2 Oichi (Samurai Warriors 4) commission WIP by Antyyy Oichi (Samurai Warriors 4) commission WIP :iconantyyy:Antyyy 0 0 Breath of the wild - Link papercraft by Antyyy Breath of the wild - Link papercraft :iconantyyy:Antyyy 4 0 Breath of the wild - Link WIP 4 by Antyyy Breath of the wild - Link WIP 4 :iconantyyy:Antyyy 3 0 Breath of the wild - Link WIP 3 by Antyyy Breath of the wild - Link WIP 3 :iconantyyy:Antyyy 6 7 Breath of the wild - Link WIP 2 by Antyyy Breath of the wild - Link WIP 2 :iconantyyy:Antyyy 1 2 Breath of the wild - Link WIP by Antyyy Breath of the wild - Link WIP :iconantyyy:Antyyy 2 11 Theodore Tugboat commission - Theodore by Antyyy Theodore Tugboat commission - Theodore :iconantyyy:Antyyy 2 0
°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

For quite some time now my artistic life consists of 3D models, papercrafts and their designing and editing. I make my own models, design characters (existing and fictional of any kind), edit existing models, and transform these into beautiful artworks known as papercrafts! Basically I am a professional papercraft designer by heart.

I take commission requests for any kind of papercraft design, of any sort or style, made from scratch or based on already existing models (online 3D models, made-up drawings, your own designs, ripped game models I rip myself…), basically anything that has to do with papercrafting. Anything you want to have as a papercraft, I can make for you ;)

And, of course, I also sell my existing papercrafts I make of my own free choice and post into my galleries and sites.

Commissions are paid for in advance, deposited on my Paypal account, Paypal only.

The price and all of the details are determined in a dialogue before I take on a commission, depending on the amount of work and time I have to put in it. I also determine the amount of time I will need to make it, what the commissioner would like it to look like, how big it should be or any extra details degrading the look of the finished craft.

Pre-existing papercrafts in my gallery and sites, which I sell, are sent to the buyers e-mail in PDF form only (at request I can also provide additional help with the built, I send the EDGE ID PDF as well as screenshots and tips on how to build them easier). I do not and will not send any PDO files. Commissioned papercrafts however, which I design anew, are additionally sent in locked and decrypted PDO files.

For anybody wanting to purchase my papercrafts, wanting to ask any questions regarding crafts, or wish to make a commission request, please send a private note on my profile page.

You can look at all of my papercrafts here on my main page on Deviantart:

Many of my released papercrafts and commissions are also posted on Sketchfab, where you can see the crafts in 3D and that help you build them easier:

I recently also started to update all of my releases on more pages and started to write my own papercraft blog. You can find my crafts and many, many more things under following links:……………

I hope we can have fun making papercrafts together and spread the paper-love ;)

For any kind of questions or requests, write a private note and I will respond as soon as I can.

Happy crafting~

°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

**If you would like to read the whole policy statement, click the link below**:…


Night in the woods papercraft WIP 3
Night in the Woods - Running 

First version of the texutred models. 

Obviously, the textures are still lacking and some have the wrong angle, are too streched, etc etc. 

Just wanted to show how to process looks like. I already made the custom UV maps and drawn these by hand, but although you make the map, you still have to help yourself with the models, and you have to change things if the will not fit on it, although it is custome mapped. 

So... still have to re-draw them at some parts and re-size some angles. 

Night in the Woods - Running 

More coming soon~
Night in the woods papercraft WIP 2

So I recently posted the first 2 models of the 4 main characters from the Night in the woods game. And here are the remaining 2. 

Night in the Woods - Running 

For those who didn't play it, the game is FREAKING AWESOME. The plot-twists, the details, the versatility, the indulging mini games, the story itself and the humoresque but pretty fucked-up dialogs along the way make it a real experience for every enthusiast of point-and-click games :) HIGHLY recommended. 

At first I saw the game and only played it because of its unique style, but soon I discovered it was not a friendly child-like game at all. It is pretty dark and they talk about heavy themes and traumatic experiences they had in their lives. So I was really surprised to find the game to be really targeted at adults, rather than kids, which would be obvious at first glance because of the cartoonish design they use, but its NOT. And that’s why I love it. The game is full of suprises every step of the way, so be sure to play it till the end :)

Night in the Woods - Running 

So, because I love the game so much and bought it, I decided to make the main characters into papercrafts :) Why? Because that's what I love to do. 

The challenge is making the original 2D characters into 3D models, without them losing their unique appearance and silhouette. Obviously with Bea that was no problem, but with Gregg it is pretty difficult, because it looks as though he has both of his ears in the front, and obviously that is not gonna fly with a 3D model. So I am still tweaking on the design a bit, but overall I am pretty happy with them :) 

I will edit the models a bit more, try to make them more refined or simpler, and when I'm gonna be truly happy, I will move on to the texturing. 

Gregg Gregg Gregg 

Hope you like it so far~

Making of ??? (Guess the characters quiz) WIP
Hello there people :) 

It's guessing time again. 

For those who know the characters, the first one should be a dead giveaway. For those who don't know, download it!!! (hint Nr. 1) XD 

Anyway, these are the first 2 of 4 main characters all in all (hint Nr. 2). This project is a very recent and one very dear to me, but I can't say more untill somebody guesses the characters I am making or from where they are. 

So: Who are they? 

:baffled: :baffled: :baffled: In search for answers :baffled::baffled::baffled:

For anybody guessing it right, she or he gets 10 points :) My trust points for that matter, not the usless DA ones. They mean a lot more and maybe you get an extra bonus for this papercraft in the future... who knows..... very mysterious.... (hint Nr. 3) XD 

***And no, the papercraft is not for free for anybody stupidly wanting to ask. You should know by now. 
Neko mochi (free papercraft) WIP
Yes, it's gonna be free, so don't ask XD

Clannad Dango (Love) [V1] 

I didn't post anything new-designed for free a long time (obviously people don't look at my re-released crafts I posted for free, you got like 40 different ones in the last 2 months, but stupid people still complain that I don't do anything for free. Check the gallery people or don't even ask). But for those who do check things regulary, you'll get a new design this time I didn't yet release :) 

Free Dango 

Anyway, I got this cutie of a MMD file, here:…. Just to be clear again, not my file, it's a design from another designer, but it was free to download.

Clannad Dango (Pink)-01 [V1] 

The file says "mochi", although they are cleary dango. So I guess whoever made this, didn't have a clue about Japanese, but I'll keep the name since it's from the file. 

Dango-blush Dango-sweatdrop Dango-big-smile Dango mmm Dango-smile 

The MMD file I exported into a obj file and edited it. Obviously the original file was fairly useless as a papercraft as it was, since the cat mochis and the stick were overlapping, so i had to stick them together. And yes, the order is not the same, but it does the trick and they look more ballanced to me that way. 

Clannad Dango (Yellow)-02 [V1] 

I will probably unfold it at 20cm so it can be build easily. No stand whatsoever, it's just meant to be a toy papercraft, or you can hang it on some rope when done. 

Clannad Dango (Pink)-03 [V2] 

Release will follow soon~
Oichi (Samurai Warriors 4) commission
Oichi from Samurai Warriors 4 :) 

cherry blossom cherry blossom cherry blossom 

Well, actually the original model I ripped was from 3, but it was missing the hoop weapon, so I did that myself, including the textures. But they use the same designs of the characters throughtout all of the series, so it doesn't really matter. 

light cherry blossom light cherry blossom 

The unfold itself is 26cm tall and goes along with all the other Samurai warriors I made so far :) since it's for the same commissioner and everything XD 

:cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: 

Anyway, you got 12 pages to print and quite some details. The hoop is just built and then the both sided 2D blades are glued on. Same goes with the many details she has, hairpins, buttons, broches, etc etc. The body is build sepparately, and then you add the hair, hoops and the stand. I would say it's a difficulty of 8/10. 

Sakura Flower 

And you can view the 3D view of the model here:…
Oichi (Samurai Warriors 4) commission WIP
My latest papercraft commission I can show you is another one of my famous Samurai warriors commission group: this time it's Oichi. 

:cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: 

The model is ripped from SW3 as you can see, it was quite easier to make and low-poly than the others from the SW4 series XD and thank god for that. 

:cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: 

I added the stand, posed her, attached all the parts, and I had to sepparately make her weapons, the hoops. I could not find them anywhere in the game, and I couldn't unlock them so fast, so I had to design my own and make my own textures. I have to say the textures were quite tricky to do, but as you will see later on in the other updates, they look amazing and really original :) so I am proud of my computer drawing skills getting better. 

:cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: 

Anyway, the thing is posed and edited and it has all the parts it should have, so now it's ready to be textured. 

:cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: 

Nexts steps followng soon ;)



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